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Hand-written note on back of item: "Indian ruins?" This site is known as Salmon Pueblo. Photo shows the shadow cast by the photographer's stereo camera and tripod.
Frances Benjamin Johnston on a balcony of the State, War and Navy Building with a tripod-mounted camera, photographing an unidentified man]. Photograph shows Johnston working at her camera preparing to take a picture. This proof print includes the…
Jack Lester strikes a boxing pose, with spotlight and shadow on wall

John Howell, an Indianapolis newsboy, makes $.75 some days. Begins at 6 a.m., Sundays. (Lives at 215 W. Michigan St.). Attribution to Hine based on provenance. Photo shows a young newsboy standing at a busy street corner. The shadow of the…
Lockland, Ohio house with shadows for dog, photographer with tripod.
Wilbur in prone position in damaged machine, on ground after unsuccessful trial of December 14, 1903, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
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